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Deploying our SWOT analysis we were able to determine the internal and external factors that affect the development of our project. From this we feel very confident in further developing and operating within the indicated markets.


-Size of Market = 94,400,000,000
-Product is in turnkey condition
-Similar products succeeding in the market
-Built on the BlockChain
-Product is capable of reaching multiple markets and millions of users

-A niche trading solution that is being adopted slowly
-COVID19 Is providing problems for all areas
-No budget for marketing
-Slow Development Time

-Creating a new social world
-Opportunity for crossover into new industries
-Integration into larger exchanges and trading institutions

-Always new competitors coming to the market
-Potential pushback from trading communities
-Further regulation and control by governments

Before we write the first line of code - we do the analysis.

We have used the PESTL-Analysis to plan strategic movements that create a roadmap for the years ahead. With its help, we have identified detailed aspects of the external environment that may affect the success of the company.


Political - factors that have a  political impact on the company. We have answered these questions regarding key changes in the field of political stability and legal regulation.

Economic - Factors of the current state of the market that could affect the company. In this analysis we assess the main economic situations that would negatively impact the company.

Social - Factors of the current social and cultural status. By researching this factor, we can better understand our potential users and interact with them.

Technological - Factors that affect the technological progress of the industry, these can dramatically affect the status of the market. We took into account and evaluated all possible situations.

Legal - Factors representing the legal environment of the industry. Things like the possible change in legal acts that may affect the profitability of existence in the industry.

Never get lost with a good RoadMap
Our revenue streams

CopyRage operates in the B2B,B2C & C2C markets. In this doc we have identified all of the current ways we create revenue in these markets.

This doc was created with only the a prediction of the first 1-2 years of being on the market.

By downloading this file you can see in more detail what we have planned.

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