For any investor it is important to understand, how the team is going to develop the project.
We have done our homework.

Using the SWOT analysis, we evaluated the internal and external factors that affect the development of our startup. This helps us creating a competitive and profitable product.


Strengths - what we do especially well, which sets us apart from our competitors. The project and team properties are described in detail, giving advantages over competitors.

Weaknesses - factors that weaken the project at this stage of development, but still are under our influence. All the necessary information was collected to calculate a realistic forecast of future actions.

Opportunities - external probable factors that provide additional opportunities to achieve the goal. They can occur in situations not related to CopyRage and positively affect its competitiveness and market position.

Threats - external probable factors that can complicate the achievement of the goal, adversely affect CopyRage from outside and at the same time are not controlled by us. Possible threats and measures against them have been taken into account.

Before we write the first line of code - we do the analysis.

PESTL analysis is a tool for long-term strategic planning and is compiled 5 years in advance, with annual data updates. With its help, we have identified detailed aspects of the external environment that may affect the activities of the company.


Political - factors of the political environment of the company. We answered basic questions regarding key changes in the field of political stability and legal regulation.

Economic - factors of the economic state of the market. In the analysis of this group of factors, we identified the main parameters that can affect the activities of the company.

Social - factors of the social and cultural status of the target audience. By researching this factor, we can better understand our potential users and interact with them.

Technological - factors characterizing technological progress in the industry, changes in which can dramatically change the established state of the market. We took into account and evaluated all possible developments.

Legal - factors representing the legal environment for the functioning of the business and consider in more detail the possible change in legal acts that may affect the profitability of existence in the industry.

Nothing goes over a good plan. A Roadmap is even better.
Revenue streams

We have mentioned all planned revenue streams of the company, available to us at the initial stage. By downloading the file you can familiarize yourself with this information in more detail.


B2B - We, as an aggregator, connect many companies to ourselves. This interaction is beneficial to both parties.

B2C - activities aimed at the end consumer. We provide services for the personal consumption of users.

C2C - user interaction among themselves. We are the third party that connects users at the right time in the right place.

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