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CopyRage is creating a platform that connects new traders & bettors with professionals.

We offer the opportunity for these new to market traders and bettors to copy the trades & bets of professionals.

Users can choose a professional, based on the statistics like profitability, size of trade/bet and risk rating.

With the functionality of familiar social networks we allow you to connect across the world but with all accounts managed on one easy to use platform.

New Trader or Bettor?

We have created a platform that helps make your first steps successful. You are given the opportunity to connect with professionals so you can learn and understand how to trade/bet and profit. Education and improvement are what we aim for with our users.

Social Influencer?

Are you already followed by 1000s of people? Do they rely on your opinion to guide them in today's ever changing world? CopyRage allows you to communicate with your social communities in one place while educating them on finance and how to trade/bet.


We allow you to manage all of your trading/betting accounts in one place, our service gives you the opportunity to monetize your knowledge via profit sharing. We also offer a competitive ranking system that allows you to show off and prove your skills.

Simplicity & Convenience
We are designing our platform to be as easy to use as possible for each user.
We listen to you!
Your feedback helps to make our platform better. We test it with you and then listen to your feedback.

Our platform makes it easier than ever to trade/bet while learning to find financial freedom. CopyRage was created for new to market users but also for professionals looking to simplify their trading and betting life.


CopyRage's built in incentive system and leaderboard gives users the chance to earn prizes and compete in tournaments for leaderboard ranking and personal development tracking.


Using blockchain technology we give you the best sense of security and transparency while operating on the platform. All trades and bets are recorded and timestamped so the statistics cannot be modified.


On CopyRage users have the opportunity to copy the trade and bets of the pros. The platform is designed to be simple to understand and easy to use, making your development achievable. Advanced settings allow you to customize the copying of user transactions in detail.

Social NEtwork

Using features of popular social media apps to help share knowledge and encourage financial development, users can share content like, comment & share around the globe. Users can also create content on the platform and build digital communities.


Using API connections we connect you with exchanges and financial institutions to place and execute your orders. We track and trace all transactions made on the platform.  CopyRage integrates different application to give users the best experience.

Do you have a question or query?

You are always welcome to contact us through the social networks indicated below but you also can send your request, complaint or proposal using the following form.

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